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Our assessments and evaluations are designed to assess,
diagnose, and provide a treatment plan for those suffering
from a behavioral health challenge . 

Psychological Evaluations
A psychological evaluations provides our mental health staff information on the client's strengths and challenges they may have with emotional, cognitive, and behavioral functioning. Through this evaluation, a diagnosis(es) and treatment plan are put in place based on the outcomes.

Psychiatric Evaluations
A psychiatric evaluation is used to assist in discovering emotional, behavioral, or developmental disorders. A psychiatrist evaluation is unique as the treatment could consist of pharmaceutical recommendation and is overseen by a medical doctor. 
Mental Health Assessments
A mental health assessment gives your therapist a complete picture of your emotional state. It will also capture history regarding your family, education / work, social aspects of your life, legal stress and substance use that may be causing concerns for you. This assessment is done to get an overall look at your emotional well being and determine what if any services would be best to create positive change.

Substance Use Assessments
A substance use assessment is appropriate for adults or children experiencing dependencies on drugs or alcohol. Through this assessment, the individual is evaluated to assess the current state of the substance use and the individual's goals for recovery.

Domestic Violence Assessments
This assessment is to evaluate the level of danger an individual could be in from a family member, loved one, or acquaintance. Domestic violence can include any neglect, abuse, threats, harassment, destructive behaviors, and other emotional or physical harm. 

Trauma-Based Assessments
This assessment consists of a clinical interview, standardized measures, and/or behavioral observations designed to gather an in-depth understanding of the nature of the traumatic events and the effects of those events. By completely evaluating the child's traumatic event and effects, we can create a treatment plan and evaluate success overtime.
ADHD Evaluations
Assessment of ADHD typically involves the comprehensive evaluation of information gathered from a number of sources, including parents, family members, teachers, and friends (depending on the age of the patient).

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